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Health Tips

Reference: Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
by: James M Griffin, MD & Lisa D Carlson, DVM - 3rd Edition, 2000


Asprin Anti-Inflammatory 5mg/lbs every 12 hrs
Benadryl Antihistamine 1mg/lbs every 8 hours
Betadine Solution Topical antiseptic Dilute 2mL to 2Qts tap water
Charcol Binds stomach poison One 5mg tablet per 10lbs
Chlorhexidine solution Topical antiseptic Dilute 25mL to 2Qts tap water
Dramamine Motion sickness 2-4mg/lbs every 8 hrs
Hydrogen peroxide Induce vomiting 1tsp/10lbs orally - may repeat every 15-30 minutes (3 times only)
Kaopectate Persistent diarrhea .5-1mL/lbs (or 1-2tps/10lbs) every 4 hrs
Milk of Magnesia Antacid, laxative 2-5mL/lbs every 4-6hrs (antacid); or 7-25mL/lbs once only (laxative)
Mineral Oil Lubricant/Laxative 10-50mL per day (add to food)
Pepto-Bismol Diarrhea .5-1.5mL/lbs every 12 hrs
Robitussin Expectorant 1tsp/20lbs every 4 hrs (as needed)
Robitussin DM or Benylin Expectorant Cough suppressant 05-1mg/lbs (or 1tsp/20lbs) every 6 hrs
Tylenol Fever Reducer, analgesic 7mg/lbs (or 05 of a 325mg tablet per 25lbs) every 8 hours

Please check out this list of poisons that are harmful to your loving pet.

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