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Naming Rights to a Room in the New Adoption Facility Form

The Collin County Humane Society (CCHS) is a 501c3 organization established in March 2008. We are a group of volunteers dedicated to giving homeless and unwanted pets a second chance at life. CCHS maintains 80-100 dogs in our program at all times. We operate through foster homes and with the support of public donations. We do not receive any state or federal funding, so your donation, means our survival.

CCHS is working toward our goal to build a new adoption facility in Collin County. The Facility will house cats, kittens, dog and puppies that are ready for adoption. It will also have four eco friendly dog parks (two small and two large), a grooming suite, and offer boarding and daycare to the public. Gone are the days where people view animal shelters as depressing and scary buildings. The facility will be designed to bring in traffic for more than just the desire to adopt. It will be constructed in such a fashion that will not only help with public awareness about adopting a pet from a rescue group, but will also encourage people to keep coming back for more. Webcams, windmills, canopies, and a many windows will truly make this shelter stand out from the rest and also improve the the quality of life for the animals being housed at the facility. Once the shelter is build, CCHS will continue to operate through the work and dedication of foster homes, but the facility will work as the powerhouse to help improve adoptions (and increase our animal intake capabilities).

While we are in the building process, you have the chance to put your paw print anywhere on the shelter; the reception area, a dog park, the cat colony, a dog run, or an individual cage. You can honor a loved one, remember a beloved pet, or simply celebrate/support the work of CCHS by becoming a sponsor for the shelter. An engraved plaque will be placed in your chosen area. Sponsorship levels are listed below.
Yes! I want to put my Mark on the CCHS Adoption and Boarding Facility!
Sponsor the Cost Annually:
This sponsorship comes with a large 12x12 plaque on the door or the wall of the area being sponsored. The Plaque will remain up for 1 year! Once the year is over, the sponsor's name will be added to a Wall Plaque with name plates that list the sponsors for each year.

Dog Run Areas (supporting 50 Dog Runs)$45,000
Reception Area $15,000
Cat Colony $10,000
Puppy Corridor $10,000
Meet n Greet Rooms (4 available) $3,000
Executive Office $3,000
Quarantine Area $10,000
Storage Room $1,500
Conference Room/Kitchen $5,000
Grooming Suite $8,000

Annual Cage and Dog Run Sponsorships:
This sponsorship, will put the sponsor's name engraved on the cage plate for each annual donation.

Dog Run (Boarding or Adoption side) (50 Available): $1,000 each
Puppy Run (4 available): $500
Cat Cages (8 available): $500

Complete the application below (or click here for the registration form in PDF), print and mail in with your donation!

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Once your form is submitted, a CCHS representative will contact you about the details of your Room Plaque to confirm wording, location, etc.
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