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Everyone is searching for the perfect gift this year... what better gift to give than to help save a life by sponsoring a dog?! The Collin County Humane Society is connected through a secure network powered by paypal. By filling in the form below you can donate to CCHS and have a great gift for any animal lover!

You can also send check or money order to PO Box 2733, McKinney, TX 75070. Which ever way you chose to give, we will send you a Card and receipt in the mail that you can present to whom ever you choose for the best gift a dog lover could get!

Don't procrastinate any longer...

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If you are making a donation in someone else's name or corporation please enter their information here:

When you make a donation we will send you a Certificate thanking you for your generous contribution including the bio and the picture of the dog you are sponsoring. If you are not making the donation to a specific dog we will send you a similar Certificate thanking your for your generosity.

Please supply an address to mail your Certificate to:

If you are sponsoring a specific dog(s) please enter the dogs name here:

Please enter the amount you will be donating so that we can match up this application along with your actual donation!

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Disclosure: Thank you for choosing to donate to CCHS. If you would like a donation receipt please be sure to include your address in the notes section via the Paypal donation link. If no address is present we will be unable to issue a donation receipt. The donations will be applied as a general donation unless a name/catergory has been specified in the comments section via the donation page on Paypal.
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