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Sponsor a Dog Run for the New Adoption Facility Form

Whether it's a gift for a loved one, dedication in memory of a loved one, or you would just like to make a donation to the Collin County Humane Society's Shelter... why not also put your mark on the new facility to show everyone your support!

To sponsor a dog run, all you need to do is complete the form below and a plaque with the Sponsors name will be placed on a metal cage card for everyone to see! You can pick the location of the cage card on any one of 50 open dog runs!

Yes! I want to put my Mark on the CCHS Adoption and Boarding Facility!
Dog Run # Price
One Dog Run $1,000.00
Two Dog Runs $2,000.00
Three Dog Runs $3,000.00
Four Dog Runs $4,000.00
Five Dog Runs $5,000.00
Six Dog Runs $6,000.00
Seven Dog Runs $7,000.00
Eight Dog Runs $8,000.00
Nine Dog Runs $9,000.00
Ten Dog Runs $10,000.00

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Once your form is submitted, a CCHS representative will contact you about the details of your Dog Run Plaque to confirm wording, location, etc.
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